DEJONG hot water tanks is one of the leading, independent manufacturers of stainless steel hot water tanks in Europe. In over 40 years DEJONG has obtained an extensive knowledge and experience in engineering and manufacturing hot water tanks and pressure vessels in high-grade stainless steel. Yearly more than 120,000 hot water tanks with a capacity of 1 up to 1000 liters are being produced in series.
Besides the indirectly heated tanks for (non)condensing boilers, DEJONG increasingly produces hot water tanks for sustainable applications such as heat pump and solar systems. Over 90% is destined for export, to mainly Europe and Northern America.

DEJONG has its own Research and Development Department as well as Laboratory facilities where research is conducted in order to improve the hot water performance and durability. Moreover, DEJONG applies modern welding techniques and gives all tanks an extensive pickling-and passivating treatment, as a result of which the durability of the tanks is optimally guaranteed.
DEJONG manufactures mainly hot water tanks according to customer specification, which are developed in close cooperation with our various clients. Besides that, DEJONG also offers a complete program of standard hot water tanks.
DEJONG also supplies pressure vessels (standardized as well as according to customer specification) for amongst others the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.