heat pump tanks 200 – 300 L

These hot water tanks are developed especially for the increasingly popular heat pump. The large heating surface of the heating coil and its sophisticated diabolo-shape enable a very efficient hot water production, which guarantees a quick reheat time and a high hot water performance. The high-quality insulation reduces heat loss, which minimizes the costs for a high hot water performance.
DEJONG hot water tanks

heat pump 200 and 300 L

WPS 200-300WPS 200WPS 300
Article numbersilver855-0658855-0660
ACold water inletR3/4"1"
B To boiler returnR1"1"
CFrom boiler supplyR1"1"
DImmersion heaterG1½"1½"
FHot water outletR3/4"1"
GUpper thermostatG1/2"1/2"
HLower thermostatG1/2"1/2"
I ThermometerG1/2"1/2"
JClean out covermm80,5 x 9580,5 x 95
KHeight insulation incl.mm14871804
Tilting heightmm15591885
Diameter insulation excl.mm450500
LDiameter insulation incl. *mm595675
* Attention, isolation is not demountable!

technical data heat pump 200 and 300 L

technical dataWPS 200WPS 300
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Max. working pressure tankbar1010
Max. working pressure coilbar4040
Max. working temperature tank °C9595
Heat loss EN 12897Watt4855
Energy classBB
Heating coil
Heating surface2,52,9
Continuous capacity at 60°CkW41/4745/52
Hot water capacity at 60°Cl/h1008/11631104/1284
Hot water flowm³/h2/32/3
Pressure lossmbar117/243132/276
heating coil (additional calculation)
Heating surface2,52,9
Continuous capacity at 50°C tank temp. and 60°C boiler supply and ΔT=5°CkW11,213,1
Hot water capacity 10-45°Cl/h275322
Hot water flowm³/h1,962,28
Pressure lossmbar110164
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Dimensions chart WPS 200-300:
ACold water inletmm5050
BTo boiler returnmm5050
CFrom boiler supplymm12401543
DImmersion heatermm9001158
FHot water outletmm12401543
GUpper thermostatmm9531258
HLower thermostatmm553728