For over 40 years DEJONG has been designing hot water tanks with its clients, which function optimally in the total system. In order to obtain that quality, the product is submitted to several steps along the engineering process.
The demands of the customer are the point of departure for the first design. With computer simulation models (amongst which the so-called FEM: finite elements method) DEJONG determines where the tensions in the design occur and how they affect the durability of the hot water tank. If necessary the design is adjusted accordingly.

Then a proto type is built which is tested extensively in DEJONG’s own Laboratory on performance and durability. During the tests the conditions of the system in which the hot water tank will be operating are imitated as precisely as possible.
Based on the test results the design can be re-adjusted, after which a series of prototypes are manufactured to perform field tests. As soon as the results of this field test are also processed in the design, ultimately the serial production can be started up. This whole engineering process has one goal: to manufacture a hot water tank with optimal performance and durability for the most favorable cost price, thus enabling you to market an optimal hot water system.