DEJONG’s production facility has been organized in such a manner that a large number of different executions, volumes and batch quantities can be produced simultaneously for various customers. Therefore DEJONG has more than twenty “welding lines” for tank diameters ranging from 170 to 790 millimeters. The heights of the hot water tanks vary from 100 to 2500 millimeters.
A critical process is the welding of stainless steel. With over 75 years of experience, DEJONG is capable of applying several welding techniques, amongst which TIG and MIG-CMT. All welding processes are conducted with protection and backing gas and every tank is individually leakage tested.

DEJONG manufactures every essential part of the hot water tanks in-house. This guarantees quality and controls the cost price. For example, DEJONG has a so-called “free form” tube bending machine at her disposal for the production of heating coils in every shape and length desired, depending on its application.
DEJONG also has a modern and environmentally friendly pickling installation; the use of harmful fluids has become redundant. The passive layer of the stainless steel, which could have been damaged during the process, is fully restored by this process. This pickling and passivating treatment makes a high maintenance and health burdening (aluminum) anode redundant.
The right choice of materials, the welding quality and the indispensable pickling treatment determine together the durability of the hot water tanks, without the necessity of any yearly maintenance.