shift load tanks 200 – 1000 L

Shift load tanks are applied in systems where heat exchange takes place with an external plate heat exchanger instead of a heating coil. As a result, a large volume of sanitary hot water can be heated quickly. The hot water tanks are made of high grade stainless steel and have a long lifetime. The 100% pickled and passivated hot water tanks are maintenance free and because of their lightness in weight easy to install.
DEJONG hot water tanks

shift load tanks 200 to 1000 L

LS 200-10002003005007501000
Article numbersilver855-0671855-0672855-0673855-0456855-0675
ACold water inletR1"1"1"1¼"1¼"
BTo boiler returnR1"1"1"1¼"1¼"
CFrom boiler supplyR1"1"1"1¼"1¼"
EHot water outletR1"1"1"1¼"1¼"
FUpper thermostatmmØ12x1Ø12x1Ø12x1Ø12x1Ø12x1
GMiddle thermostatmmØ12x1Ø12x1Ø12x1Ø12x1Ø12x1
HLower thermostat mmØ12x1Ø12x1Ø12x1Ø12x1Ø12x1
JInside dimension flangemm110110
KClean out covermm80,5 x 9580,5 x 9580,5 x 9580,5 x 9580,5 x 95
LImmersion heaterG1½"1½"1½"
MHeight insulation inclmm14871805202018482292
Tilting height incl. insulationmm155918842126
Tilting height excl. insulationmm18332213
Diameter insulation excl.mm450500600790790
NDiameter insulation incl. *mm595675795990990
* Attention, isolation of 200 up to 500ltr is not demountable!

technical data shift load tanks 200 to 1000 L

technical data2003005007501000
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Max. working pressure tankbar1010101010
Max. working pressure coilbar4040404040
Max. working temperature tank°C9595959595
Heat loss EN 12897Watt495671104122
Energy classBBBCC
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Dimensions chart LS200-1000
ACold water inletmm258258283323323
BTo boiler returnmm258258283323323
CFrom boiler supplymm12401543172315181943
EHot water outletmm12401543172315181943
FUpper thermostatmm11151418160614131838
GMiddle thermostatmm646798109510031128
HLower thermostatmm358378437448488
LImmersion heatermm646798929--