DEJONG Slovakia

We are pleased to share that DEJONG plans to expand its manufacturing footprint with a new facility providing a capacity of one million tanks in Prešov, Slovakia.

The expansion of DEJONG in Slovakia is part of our ambitious growth strategy in the European market. We will build a best practice facility on a unique scale, which will lead to meeting our customers’ growing demand. Additionally, we will create maximum value with this high-efficiency facility as we provide the quality and longevity that customers expect from DEJONG.

Since Rheem’s acquisition of DEJONG in 2022, we have doubled our production capacity and invested in long-term growth. With this new facility, we will take a massive step further. We will now be closer to customers and ensure a more sustainable operation as we decrease our carbon footprint and lower transportation costs.

DEJONG will begin a multi-phased expansion with plans to break ground in 2024 and roll out the first products in 2025.

We are excited about this investment that will build our network, accelerate growth and better support customers as we strive to accommodate forecasted demand and establish ourselves as the most valued OEM supplier during this era of energy transition.


Peter Leenhouts
Managing Director


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