DEJONG has been around for more than 160 years, 45 years of which as a leading, independent manufacturer of stainless steel warm water boilers in Europe. We look for the perfect fit in everything we do. We always go for the best product, but also look for the perfect fit in our relations with partners and employees, the production process and its impact on the world around us.


Optimal collaboration

Only as a team we can make a difference. That is why, in terms of collaboration, we specifically select people and enterprises with a mentality similar to ours, to be able to enter into long-term business relationships. This is convenient for us as well as for our partners. This way we will achieve the best innovations and the most sustainable solutions for everyone.


DEJONG is based in Gorredijk and has the capacity to produce more than 180,000 hot water tanks annually, varying from 1 to 1,000 liters. These tanks are developed in consultation with the customer to ensure that the system which the tank is part of, can function optimally. Meanwhile this has resulted in hundreds of different designs that are serial produced for a large number of parties in, for example, Europe and North America. In addition, DEJONG developed a standard range for applications where the numbers are (still) insufficient for customer-specific design. The standard range can also serve as a supplement to already existing customer-specific products, whether or not under private label.


More information


DEJONG has produced metal products for the storage of liquids since 1859. Responding to the ever-changing demand is a recurring aspect and has proven to be the key to success.

It all began in 1859 with the founding of a copper workshop in Gorredijk. DEJONG supplied pots, pans and jugs to farmers in the vicinity of the Frisian village. After the emergence of milk and cheese factories, at the end of the nineteenth century, DEJONG developed into the largest supplier of milk churns in the Netherlands. After the strong decline in demand for these churns after 1960, DEJONG switched to the production of beer tanks and soft drink containers. These were sold successfully all over Europe. DEJONG has been processing stainless steel ever since 1934, initially mainly for the dairy industry. It turned out that this material was an excellent alternative for tin-plated steel and aluminum. In 1970, DEJONG also started manufacturing stainless steel hot water tank. These hot water tanks are now the main product.

Although, over the years, the products saw a lot of change, yet the character of DEJONG remained the same. An eye for quality, the ability to listen to the customer’s wishes and flexibly anticipating the world around us. That is the strength of DEJONG that we owe our current position in the market to.

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