Listening to the customer’s wishes and anticipating their demands are essential values, deeply rooted in DEJONG’s DNA. Every product design is made in consultation with the customer, to ensure that it will function optimally in the system that it is part of. Many years of practical experience and research allows us to provide advice from our know-how and to create innovative solutions. Our Research & Development department has a laboratory for performing simulations and extensive testing. This experience, knowledge and research possibilities make DEJONG the ultimate sparring partner for your product innovation.


DEJONG has manufactured hot water tanks for 45 years and we strive for continuous improvement of our products and the development of innovative solutions. Over the years, we have built up a wealth of knowledge that we can use. This knowledge is being expanded constantly by our Research & Development department, but also by means of collaboration with our partners. Critical customers keep us alert and challenge us to reach higher levels all the time. As such, they contribute to further growth of our expertise and quality.


Flexibility is our strength. Each of our products is adapted to the wishes of the customer. We apply serial production using automated processes which guarantee a stable quality. At the same time, we are flexible in the use of our technology enabling us to create specific solutions, adapted to the system in which the product will operate. DEJONG is also flexible in terms of numbers. Our series vary from 50 up to even 15,000 units. Whether it concerns the smallest product or the largest series, our flexibility allows us to make every product meeting the customer’s requirements.


DEJONG has a Research & Development department with its own laboratory for research and testing such as: heat transmission, metal fatigue, insulation analysis, thermal loss and corrosion. Apart from fundamental research, DEJONG also performs applied research for the sake of new customer-specific design. Our many years of experience have allowed us to develop a great number of testing and research options.

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