Independent comparative research

In order to gain insight into the environmental impact of its products, DEJONG has carried out an independent life cycle analysis (LCA).
The LCA compares the different stages of the life cycle of a DEJONG hot water tank (stainless steel tank with EPS insulation and PP jacket) with a competitive water heater with identical functionality and capacity (steel enamelled tank with PUR insulation and galvanized steel jacket).

Conclusion: 50% less CO2 emissions

This study shows that the CO2 footprint of the DEJONG hot water tank within the entire heating system is less than half of the carbon footprint of the steel tank. In both cases, the consumption of raw materials is the dominant factor.

From raw materials to recycling

The scope of the study is cradle-to-grave, including the impact of raw material extraction and processing, manufacturing processes, transportation
and distribution, use phase, maintenance and end of life. The study was carried out in accordance with the standards ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 and has been assessed by an independent panel of experts.
The animation below describes the different main stages of the study and their impact.


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