DEJONG specializes in the production of stainless steel water tanks to be applied in different heating systems, such as solar tanks, heat pump tanks and tanks in combination with a central heating boiler.


In the application, in combination with a central heating boiler, the boiler provides additional comfort. Due to the buffering of the hot water of the central heating boiler in a tank, warm water can be supplied more quickly and with greater capacity. This applies, for instance, if two showers make use of one central heating boiler at the same time. The DEJONG hot water tanks can be designed as an integral part of the central heating boiler or as an individual tank.







In the concept of a solar tank, the heating of water and the usage of warm water often doesn’t take place simultaneously. In this case the tank serves as a buffer of sun-heated water, that can used at any time. The hour glass shaped coils of our solar tank ensure efficient heat transfer and a rapid warm-up. As a result, a large capacity of warm water is supplied for optimal comfort. The 100% pickled and passivated tanks are maintenance-free and easy to install, due to their very limited weight.






The tank is an essential component for the functioning of a heat pump. Other than with a central heating boiler, a heat pump does not heat up the water in one single step from 20 degrees Celsius to, for example 65 degrees Celsius. The heat pump is able to heat gradually, to the desired temperature, which takes longer than with e.g. a central heating boiler. That is why a storage of water is required. As the tank fulfills a major role in the functioning of the heat pump, the fine-tuning of the technical design process of the tank is of great importance. Since the tank is often considered an integral part of the heat pump system, also the physical design (location of connections, specific insulation, etc.) needs to be very accurate.


Each of our products corresponds to the wishes of our customer. We apply serial production using automated processes which guarantee a stable quality. We develop these products in close relation with our customers, ensuring that the system, from which the tank is part of, can function optimally. Are you looking for more information about our products or our customer-focused solutions? Please feel free to contact us.

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