Collaboration as a starting point

We are DEJONG, we have been a leading, independent producer of stainless steel hot water tanks in Europe for 45 years. Founded in 1859 as a copper workshop, DEJONG has made history for more than 160 years. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, just like quality. Quality of the products themselves, but also in the way those products are being manufactured. We bundle our expertise using this customer-focused approach to reach the best solution for our customers. We have secured a dominant position in the worldwide market of heating solutions by investing in long-term relationships, smart innovation, efficient production and by being aware of the world around us. It is a position to be proud of. Together we work on the best solutions. Together for the perfect fit.


We have the capacity to produce more than 180,000 hot water tanks yearly, with volumes varying from 1 to 1,000 liters. These are predominantly customer-specific tanks, developed in close cooperation with our customers. Drawing on our many years of experience, our own Research & Development department and also on a wealth of knowledge that is constantly being developed, we are able to provide each customer with dedicated advice. Together with the customer, we develop customized products that are tested extensively and also improved in our own laboratory until it complies with all the requirements.


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We want to use our knowledge and innovations to create sustainable solutions and minimize waste. In order to achieve that, we make choices based on progressive sustainability ambitions. Using the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) we carried out recently, we scrutinize our products and work processes, measure the environmental impact and make adjustments where necessary. We also intentionally enter into long-term relationships with partners pursuing the same ideal. Together we contribute to a better world for everybody.


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Our employees are proud of the company. And rightly so. Who wouldn’t want to be part of the winning team? Working at DEJONG means working for a company that is a major player in an international market. In terms of customer-specific stainless steel tanks, DEJONG is even one of the leading companies worldwide. DEJONG also pays particular attention to each and every individual. As an employee at DEJONG you benefit from the successes, you are involved in innovations, you are given the opportunity to develop personally and you contribute to making the heating market more sustainable.


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