160th anniversary and opening of a new building with guest speaker André Kuipers

An open day was organized on Saturday 21 September 2019 to mark the 160th anniversary and the opening of the new warehouse building. The doors of the factory were opened to relatives and acquaintances of employees, retired former employees, local residents and other interested parties.
It was a bright day and with an attendance of more than 500 visitors, we can look back on a very successful event. Guided tours were organized in the factory, there was an inflatable for the children and there were activities such as face painting. Outside people could watch a demonstration by the local fire brigade.
The day ended with an exciting presentation by none other than André Kuipers, astronaut.
Mr. Kuipers gave an interesting presentation about his two space missions. Mr. Kuipers also emphasized that we must sustain on our planet and how important sustainability is. A theme that ties in nicely with DEJONG’s ambitions.
He then performed the opening act of the new building together with director Arno La Haye.


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